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Wood Species & Varieties
Brazillian Cherry, Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Rosewood, Brasilian Teak, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood, Brazilian Chestnut


Exotic Wood Decking
Angelism Pedra, Cumaru, Garapa, Ipe, Masaranduba, Muiracatiara


Bulk Exotic Lumber
Angelism Pedra, Bloodwood, Cumaru, Ipe, Jatoba, Santos mahogany, Sucupira, Tatajuba, Tigerwood, Violetta & more

Welcome to ADS© Fine Woods. 
ADS© Fine Woods brings top quality exotic wood flooring, decking & lumber from our own factory in Brazil directy to the USA & Western Europe markets offering not just the best value to quality ratio but also the best direct savings in all of our exotic wood products like Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Ipe, Brazilian Koa (Tigerwood). 
ADS© Fine Woods is your best direct source for Fine Exotic Wood Products.

ADS© Fine Woods has a profound business reputation in delivering products of the topmost quality. We are a proud member of The National Wood Flooring Association and we have an environmental commitment  to protect the environement and the treasures of the Amazon.
We proudly stand behind our warranty for all of our products & would would like to extend an invitation to you to discuss how you can   benefit from the variety of Exotic Wood products we offer.

We specialize in Brazilian Exotic Species. Our wood comes  from our own mill in Brazil under strict quality control. Our species combine beauty & quality, are free of any defects and allow the natural color variation to be present and vibrant.

Please note that most species have multiple names and different characteristics.  Therefore, we have put a wood comparison chart to assist you compare exotic wood species.

All exotic wood come in a variety of widths and there is no minimum order size. We can arrange for freight from our warehouse in New York to your destination. Finally, we can ship Directly from Brazil in container loads shipped to your port of choice.

We can supply specific widths upon specific orders. All prices are from the New York Warehouse. If you desire a delivered price, please contact us for more information.
ADS Fine Woods
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